It began as a dream or “sueno” which would fill a void and provide a voice for this city’s then growing Hispanic population.

After 31 years, it is still a weekly publication which has not strayed far from its original mission to provide a voice for the voiceless and to inform the community about issues important to the Hispanic community and which impact their daily lives.

It was in 1977 when the only publisher this newspaper has ever had, Bidal Aguero, and a group of volunteers including former County Commissioner Eliseo Solis, Alberto Azua, and long time Lubbock businessman, the late Refugio “Cuco” Alvarado, came together to establish what would become a weekly newspaper which this week observes and celebrates entering our 31st year of continuously publishing El Editor; with editions in Lubbock and Midland Odessa, and distribution outlets in the hundreds throughout the Lubbock and Midland/Odessa market and the South Plains region as well.

Beginning in 1976 with a press order of 500 papers, we have grown to over 30, 000 readers in addition to the thousands of visitors accessing our web site as well.

And we are grateful to people like “Cuco” Alvarado who back in 1977 provided us with “rent free” office space at his own “Imprenta Mexicana” a printing shop he ran for over 30 years also. Our thanks also go out to local businessman, Mario Perez, Sr. who co-signed the first loan so that we could buy our first typesetter.

Much has happened in this newspaper’s 31 years of existence. There have been many historical events and stories affecting this city and this area’s diverse community. And we are proud to say that we have been there to document the events either through our reporting of the story or commenting on the story and weighing in on how the events will impact the community.

As we enter our 31st year, we can’t help but think that it is even more important today to provide an alternative forum than it was 31 years ago. And week in and week out we try to be that alternative to the mainstream press; which too often only represents one narrow point of view.

One of our goals is to try and provide an alternative “public voice”; a diverse point of view because we know that this city has many faces. We recognize that for the most part it has a conservative face and viewpoint. But it has other viewpoints as well; viewpoints that if it wasn’t for a publication such as ours would never see the light of day.

While we respect the mainstream media’s decisions to cover and comment on issues as they see fit; we disagree with their tendency to just present one view. Much more often than not, the picture they paint with their coverage and views is incomplete and we feel very strongly that a newspaper should be a reflection of its readership and the community which it serves; this is what we strive to do week in and week out.

Many people have contributed to the success of this city and this region. Many people who not only share a common nationality but share a diverse ethnicity and culture as well. We like to think that in our 31 years of publishing El Editor we have done so as well. We especially hope that we have contributed to the political and social discourse which is so essential for a city if it is to grow and be a thriving community.

After 31 years, this city is even more diverse than it was 31 years ago. And we see it as our role to promote that diversity with newspapers like ours which at various times has had to sacrifice advertising dollars so that people may be able to truly express their opinions. And although we have been falsely accused of taking sides by printing opposing points of views; we stand by our decision to provide the public forum absent in other print publications. That is one of the anchors this country was built on and which we rely on to make our editorial decisions.

Many times, we fail to attract the “big advertisers” because we are seen as a “Hispanic newspaper” and we stand by our principles. But we are proud of the role we play in the community and as long as we can, we will continue to serve this regions diverse community by publishing this newspaper.

That ability to publish we also owe to our advertisers, those whom we depend on to provide the necessary revenue which allows us to do so week after week; and allows us to provide this newspaper free of charge to our readers.

To our loyal and longtime advertisers we say a great big “Thank You” for advertising with us through the good times and bad. We truly appreciate our business relationship and will continue to work to attract new business for your business so that your business may continue to grow and prosper.

To our readers, on behalf of Bidal and Olga Aguero and all our staff, we also say Thank you”, “Gracias” for making us a part of your life, some of you for the past 31 years.

As we celebrate this latest milestone, we recommit ourselves and rededicate ourselves to our original mission to serve as the voice for the voiceless and the “newspaper of record” for this area’s Hispanic and diverse community.

The editorial views are the views of El Editor’s Publisher and editors and do not represent the views of El Editor’s advertisers.