Every now and then, my wife Olga goes on vacation and I am left alone to cook for myself. Y cuando me da hambre. You know I am not going to see myself going to the local restaurante to buy food. I would rather cook for myself, para hacer lo que yo quiero, como a mi me gusta!

First thing in the morning of course there is breakfast to make. Y ya me dieron ganas de unos buenos huevos rancheros con todas las accessories.

First let’s make the huevos rancheros al estilo de Bidal. I sometimes think to myself, “Como no puede haber gente en este mundo que no sabe hacer huevos.” Once I saw Martha Stewart showing people how to cook eggs. Can you imagine? There are some people in the world who don’t know how to cook eggs! Inglatierra ven por tu gente!

Huevos rancheros are the easiest thing to cook on a breakfast menu. I guess that’s why I start off everyday, then I am left alone to cook, with this simple food plate.

Items needed or what real cooks would call ingredents:

Para esto you have to look in the refrigerator – como le decimos nosotros en West Texas, “look in ‘la llelera”’ first.

If you find all these things, one might say that you are one of the lucky ones. Es muy raro que te encuentres todo esto pero if you do, Orale! Te rayaste: Aqui vamos: Juevos, a small frying pan, cooking oil, bacon, sausage, chorizo, queso, salt, pepper, chile verde, tomatos, onions, ganas y hambre.

I always use a small frying pan but I guess it really doesn’t matter the size. Primero el tocino or el sausage or mejor que nada, chorizo. You cook one or these or all if you are hungry enough so you can get some of that grease that makes the eggs so tasty. Me aquerdo que my Mama would use the grease left over from the bacon plus she would get a handful of manteca – lard – to give it more tasty. Pero in this age of watching one’s calestorol I guess it wouldn’t be “prudent” to advise out readers to use these types of cooking aids.

Anyway, aqui vamos otravez. After you get the manteca from the bacon…maybe I need to tell some people to take out the bacon and put it in paper plate…chihuahua, I forgot to tell all of you that before you start cooking for yourself that you better make sure that you have paper plates. Sin no, you are going to be stuck with washing dishes. That’s the one thing I really hate. I guess porque I remember when I was a youngster, cuando estaba chico, and making my way through school. At the age of 12, I had my first experience of a real job. – a dishwasher. Up until then I had been stuck in jobs like piscando – pulling cotton, and la limpia – hoeing cotton. That’s another story. Well, I washed dishes up until I was 15. I would work in small restaurants mainly connected to hotels or motels. Hay las historias que le pudiera contar. But hose would probably be saved for another venue. Cuando se me entoje, write my memoirs

Anyway…aqui vamos otravez. After you take the bacon out…..crack the eggs and put them into the pan….into the grease. Many people let the eggs cook a little and then turn them. I think that the real way to cook huevos rancheros is to use a spoon to get the grease and pour it on to the top of the huevos. The hot bacon grease cooks the top of the huevos just like it would cook if you turned it over except mas sabrosito.

After you do this…the egg or eggs are cooked and ready. Take them out with a spatula and place in another paper plate. If you like cheese on your eggs now is the time to put it on top so it will melt. OK. Ahora vamos a cocer los frijoles. Again if you are lucky, there will be some beans in the frig. My Mama would always have beans that were cooked throughout the week as needed in a big pan as needed. That meant at least every couple of days since we ate frijoles con everything or maybe even just frijoles for every meal. My wife cooks beans about once every two weeks. The beans usually don’t last that long. I never got over the habit from when I was growing up….beans as often as they were available. Pero si se acaban, se acaban and I have to wait until more are cooked. Oh…cooking beans…otra receta que one of the days I will post. Anyway….back to breakfast.

Sometimes I have to go to the last resort. Beans from a can. Ahora parese que the beans from a can taste a little better. Le hechan jalapeños y sometimes even bacon. If you make sure and cook the beans from a can with the bacon grease, add a little salt y los dejas que se refrian bastante….I wouldn’t really even try to write or explain “refrian” in english. Refried doesn’t really describe it well.

Anyway. Aqui vamos otravez. Ya despues que the beans are ready. You put them in another plate. Ahora el utimo ingredient de este almuerzo. El chile. I like to make chile fresco. For this you need some good jalapeños. In the summer I grow my own in a little garden I very often plant right outside my front door. You don’t need a lot of space. I think that even if you lived in an apartment, you could get some pots and grow some chiles. Hay cantidades de tipos– so many types — de chiles that you can plant but maybe we can write about that sometime…. en otra pagina.

Anyway back to breakfast. You have to cut up the chiles, the onion, the tomate (I usually don’t cut up the tomate but squeeze it to get all the juice out. After all this is mixed, it’s as simple of just mixing everything in the pan with the bacon grease. The hot chile or some might call it sauce is carefully put on top of the eggs next to the beans and the bacon on the paper plate. And. Espera, I forgot the potatos. No problemo.. there is always the frozen O’Brian potatoes that can be heated up…tambien in the bacon grease. Bueno…la acabamos al fin….. ora si ..orale! there is you breakfast. Listo pa…as I would say…. que te hartes….

Bueno this is my first entry regarding my day alone and how I eat. Next will be what I make for lunch. Well I better start getting ready. Ya falta solo a couple of hours! Ya me ta dando hambre!