The first edition of El Editor was published on October 12, 1977.
That it is still being published over 37 years later is a testament to you our readers and our advertisers who have remained part of El Editor’s history for so many years.
Seeing that there was a need for a means of informing the Chicano community, our founding publisher, Bidal Aguero, took a risk and started a newspaper which he would run until his passing on November 3, 2009.
As we enter our 39th year, we realize that times have changed. For starters, Chicano has become Hispanic or Latino. We have progressed in many ways, politically and socially, but there is still a need for publications such as this one, because as the old saying goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.
The front page story on October 12, 1977 covered a protest by Arnett Benson residents against the Lubbock City Council concerning the lack of funding for housing. Today, funding and housing are still two of the issues that remain at the top of our issues list. A story in our edition this week, also addresses the possibility that the Northeast Lubbock Community Development Corporation is at risk of losing their funding.
This newspaper was started as a voice for the voiceless, as a forum to generate interest and discussion among residents. Where else were you going to read about the protests and COMA, the business chamber, and news about the Hispanic community, if not in El Editor?
Back then, things were much worse in term of community coverage. Local broadcasters and newspapers like the AJ rarely covered these type of events or the Hispanic community.
Not much has changed since then as far as coverage of the community goes.
In a city that had a substantial Spanish speaking and bilingual population in the 1970’s, it was only natural that a newspaper was the best way to reach that segment of the population. There were many indignities that people suffered back then too, and the newspaper was the only place that their stories could be published so that others might be informed about them.
Many years later, and 5 years after the death of Bidal, the newspaper is still being published. We have had to make some adjustments to our publishing schedule due to economic changes which have impacted many of us, but we are still publishing and our goal is to continue to do so.
We take this opportunity to thank all of our readers, whether they are casual readers or loyal readers who never miss an edition. We also thank all of our advertisers who make it possible for this publication to be distributed free of charge in both the Lubbock and Midland/Odessa markets.
On a personal note, Olga Aguero, Publisher, would like to thank her family members who also contribute their time and effort to make sure the newspaper is published and distributed.
Bidal Aguero dedicated 32 years to El Editor, and it is our hope that we will continue his mission of providing this forum that has become part of the history of Lubbock and one that continues to inform our Hispanic community about issues important to you.
Gracias y Adelante!

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