As had been expected, Most Rev. Placido Rodriguez, CMF, Bishop of the Lubbock Catholic Diocese held a press conference at Christ the King Cathedral in Lubbock to read the letter he sent to Pope Francis; resigning his position as Bishop of the Lubbock Diocese.
All Catholic Bishops are required by Canon Law to resign when they reach the age of 75.
For Bishop Rodriguez, that milestone was reached on October 11th; the day before his press conference.
The appointment of a new Bishop and “transition out of the role and into retirement could take as long as 14 months” according to the press release from the Diocese. Until then, Bishop Rodriguez made clear that “in the meantime, I am responsible for the church”.
Bishop Rodriguez is the first Bishop to retire from the Diocese since it’s formation and only the second Bishop ever appointed to the Lubbock Diocese. He was installed on June 1, 1994 after his predecessor, Most Rev. Michael Sheehan was appointed Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1993.
The selection process, from start to installation of the new Bishop can take a considerable amount of time. Rodriguez’s predecessor was named Archbishop of Santa Fe on August 17, 1993 and Bishop Rodriguez was not installed as Bishop until June 1, 1994.