It’s been a while since I’ve

written this column but with

the leaving of Abel Cruz as a featured writer of El Editor, I guess it’s time for this old man to get the old ballpoint pen out and get to work.

I want to thank Abel for his work at El Editor and wish him success at whatever lies down the road for him but we are sure that the itch of writing will tickle him now and then and we will see his comments every once in a while in the future.

I can’t say that there is little to write about and I guess I could, in this column, write about the many important things that are reported on the local news such as the weather, the Texas Tech games, the weather, robberies, the weather, wrecks, property taxes, the price of gas, the weather or, I could write about my dog Pinta. Pinta is 13 or 14 years old now. I guess that would make her about 91 in dog years. You can bet that she has plenty of things to talk about.

You can be assured that some of these things will be included in my weekly column but I’ll try to also include some politics and some other topics that are not written about in local media.

First this week I must give my complements to the organizers of “Las Fiestas.” You will notice that our “Community Voices”, which by the way has been moved to page 2, features comments by local readers about the the yearly event.

Although most of the comments were positive, some have pointed out the cost of attending. Perhaps this is because most ot the entertainers are those that are commonly heard on radio and make regular appearances in the area. It might be time for the Fiesta committee to begin thinking about new faces that might be featured at “Las Fiestas” Faces such as Shakira, Pedro Fernandez or even Ricky Martin might begin to give more of an incentive for people to attend. But now, what can we really expect for a $5 entry fee.


The talk of the town today is Hugo Chavez and his reference to President Bush as “el diablo”. In all truth, when we analyze the cuts in health services, housing, social welfare programs and benefits for the ‘have-nots’, we are surprised that others within our community are not calling him the same thing.


The visit by Democratic candidate for governor, Chris Bell. last week gave us a glimpse of issues that will be addressed by his administration if he is elected in November. It was like a beath of fresh air to hear that something other than property taxes and cutbacks might be the focus of the people in Austin.

Hopefully other will ask to come and speak to our community but don’t hold your breath waiting on any of the current officeholders who by the way are also up for election in November.

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