I wanted to share a letter that we received with all our readers from a “a citizen. The letter, says as follows:

“Your paper will not be allowed at any local store. My associates make roumds every 3/4 days and will take all Hispanic papers and distroy (sic) them. Taxpayers cannot continue to allow school children to enter school and they cannot speak, read, or write English. The taxpayers cannot continue to pay the cost of health care, prisons, welfare, and others social services that taxpayers should have.

This country cannot continue to be a great country if we a Americans continue to allow millions of poor, ignorant, no job skills non English speaking mexicans (sic) (sic) and Central americans (sic) in this Country. I must do my part in stopping the Balkanization of my Country.

A citizen

The letter was delivered to our office last week and clearly shows that racism is alive and well in Lubbock Texas. Although I was undecided on whether to print it or just blow it off a another letter from a “kook”, I opted to go ahead print it order to get reaction from our readers.

It is not surprising that the writer refers to “associates”. This shows that this is not one individual but a group of persons who have it in their minds that

“Mexicans” are destroying “his” America or as my friend Abel Cruz put it

“This is just confirmation of what I have always known; there is an element here in Lubbock that is being fueled to this kind of thing by the rhetoric about immigration, war on terror, border security, racist garbage that is distributed in the neighborhoods, etc. And sadly the powers that be in this city look the other way and prefer to pretend that this doesn’t happen here. I can assure there are many others who share this idiots view.”

We ask our friends to help us in patrolling our newspaper stands in stores and let us know of any persons picking up more than the normal one or two newspapers. We would also give notice to this “citizen” that his actions could be prosecuted under the first ammendment!