Our history with Kent Hance

goes back a long way. It

goes back to when Mr. Hance was defeated in his campaign against Lloyd Doggett by a few in Lubbock that did not believe his promises of working for the benefit of the poor and disadvantaged. When he was a Republican dressed in Democrat’s clothing. Our history goes back to when Mr. Hance referred to this writer as “the poison pen” for writing what needed to be written.

An now our paths cross again. He as our would be Chancellor of Texas Tech and I as still as the writer. We can only hope for a good relationship because we know that it is needed, if not with this writer certainly with our community.

For now all we can say is “Welcome back Mr. Hance”


If you only read the local paper or listen to the local news you probably missed the story about President Bush signing the Military Commisions Act of 2006. The law is aimed at defining how suspects in the war against terrorism will be interrogated and prosecuted.

The President insists that the act would provide a just response to those accused of terrorism.

In reality the law if vile, disgusting and is a violation of the U.S. Constitution because it not only affects terrorist but every citizen of his and any other country. With this law it would seem that the President has the power to take any person, citizen of the United States or not, inside the territory of the United States or not, and declare that person an enemy combatant. And since habeas corpus and other access to the courts under the law is presumably denied, his decision would be final.

Kieth Oberman pointed out in his commentary on Tuesday night that the law giving the right of habeas corpus to citizen or non-citizen has been denied before “when President Franklin D. Roosevelt insisted that Executive Order 9066 was necessary to save American lives, only to watch him use that order to imprison and pauperize 110,000 Americans while his man in charge, General DeWitt, told Congress: ‘It makes no difference whether he is an American citizen-he is still a Japanese.’

The law which shakes the very foundations of justice was called by President Bush as a way to “answer brutal murder with patient justice. Those who kill the innocent will be held to account.”

In our opinion, and as Olbermann so appropriately expressed, “HE IS WRONG!”


The letter written to our newspaper last week provoked our readers into sending a barrage of letters and even made local station FOX 34 to run a story on the subject.

First we want to thank our readers who have all promised to keep an eye out for anyone trying to mess with our newspapers. Secondly we would thank everyone for for standing up for us against what can only be considered “racism, ignorance and just plain stupid” as many of our reader wrote.

We can only say we appreciate and value all your help. Thanks