Maybe we should sue the bastards!

Representatives in Austin yesterday passed what has been said to be the most regressive tax bill in history. The bill that would finance our schools puts the cost of education on the backs of the poorest people in Texas and gives breaks to the richest Texans.

Of course what would we expect when Republicans (regardless of what my friend Blas says), who traditionally work for the rich and forget about the needs of the poor are running the State as a result of the illegal antics of one Tom DeLay

According to reports only people that make over $100,000 a year would get a tax break and the biggest tax burden would fall on the people who make less than $22,833.

So what is happening? Are we not once again being discriminated against. Can we not take this to court and make things change. Nowadays that seems to be the only way that our people can get something accomplished. Of course some would say, “that’s what you get for not voting.” Maybe this is true but do our elected representative have no conscience. Do they really not care about the majority of the population who lives from day to day and deserve some type of attention.

Maybe we should sue the bastards!

Here in Lubbock we Carl Isett is leading the way in promoting this bill. He has be behind these type of bill that work against poor people since he was elected. If anyone needs to be targeted for defeat in the next election, Isett should be at the top of the list.


No one should miss out on activities at the Viva Aztlan Festival. It is not often that this type of live Hispanic family oriented talent is presented here and Lubbock and everyone should take their entire family to enjoy the fun and excitement! The Lubbock City Council as recommended by the Arts Alliance, Civic Lubbock Inc, Xcel, Coca Cola, the Lubbock AJ, El Editor, and all the others that contributed should be commended for their contributions to make this event possible. Our congratulations to Lubbock Centro Aztlan and the Ballet Folklorico Aztlan for their fine work!


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