This week we asked our

readers about the race for Governor. Surprisingly, to me at least, we got an equal amount of answers favoring each of the candidates.

I guess it is a surprise to me because in reading each of the candidate’s platforms and in knowing the policies we have been subjected to under Rick Perry, I can’t see how any politically educated Hispanic would support some of the candidates that will be on the ballot.

As pointed out in the lead story, there are definite differences in the candidates and it is time for our leaders in this community to stand up and shout, start giving direction and telling people how to vote.

Of course as a newspaper our endorsement will be forthcoming but can we really afford to wait?


Some city leaders have been invited an event called “Solutions for Our Future” that will take place at the Spirit Ranch this coming Monday. According to the letter of invitation,”the purpose of this special meeting of presidents of all the major universities and colleges in our area is to discuss the value of higher education and the solutions needed to ensure America’s place of prominence in the future.”

Sounds interesting. A report on this next week.


The Fair is just about over and I am sure that there there have been plenty of heart-burn stomachs suffering throughout this past week. Our hearts go out to all but “quien les manda!”

I have always wondered how many of those scholarships that are awarded by the Fair Association go to minorities. Perhaps someone will look into that question.


And perhaps someone will also start asking how come no Hispanics are ever elected or appointed to the Fair Association.


It has been over 6 months since Hispanics in Lubbock took to the street in support of basic human rights for undocumented workers. We saw a march is which may carried signs saying “Today we March – Tomorrow we Vote.” It has yet to be proven whether this slogan will become true. Perhaps we will see in November.

Our hope are that many of our people will realize the importance of voting and realize that marching is not enough. During the march we saw many faces that we personally knew and many that we know that they,if united, can help us make a diffencence. “Vamonos recios Raza!”

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