A recent survey by the federal government has found that “Hispanic teens try drugs and commit suicide at higher rates” than their counterparts.

In a story reported by the Associated press; the report says that “Hispanic students were more likely than either blacks or whites to attempt suicide, ride with a driver who had been drinking alcohol, or use cocaine, heroin or ecstasy. Hispanics also most often drank alcohol on school property, were offered or sold illegal drugs and occasionally skipped school because they feared for their safety, according to the 2007 survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

That we have a problem here in Lubbock is evident when one sees the high drop out rate in the Hispanic community. It is the extent of the problem which is not known because these types of issues are never publicly explored or debated by the Lubbock Independent School System administration or school board.

At least El Editor never receives press releases or other information related to the problems experienced by local teens.

What we do know is that teens here practice unsafe sex and experience more cases of sexually transmitted diseases than most of the other areas of the country.

Perhaps, it is an issue for District 1 School Board member; Mario Ybarra; to explore; since he was recently re-elected to office.

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