The conclusion of the city election cycle has led us to conclude a few things which we will share with readers this week.

To paraphrase Gerald Ford; who followed Nixon in the White House after Nixon was forced to resign: “Our long local 2 year nightmare is over”; we have a new Mayor and a revamped city council.

We live amongst some people who are more interested in getting even than getting ahead; and you know who they are. They are political neophytes who do not have a clue as to how politics work. But then again we are not sure they know the meaning of the word “neophyte” either.

We are sure they are disappointed in how little influence they had when all was said and done and Tom Martin and Paul Beane were elected.

Yes, we understand that they can point to the Price victory as their victory. But they would be premature in their celebration. A small group of malcontents who somehow think they control and influence the whole Hispanic community and have appointed themselves as experts in everything Hispanic should take a close look at the numbers.

Gonzales won the Hispanic vote. Price won because of the greater black vote. Period!

The District 2 race; based on the actual precinct by precinct numbers came down to a Brown versus black race. It seems that African American were willing to do just enough to hold on what has become known to them as the “black seat” on the council; even if it meant re-electing an ineffective representative.

That plantation politics are alive and well.

We have to allow for the possibility that folks in certain areas of District 2 are satisfied with dirt roads; dumps; boarded up buildings; so they are satisfied with the status quo and did not bother to vote.

That when it comes to some people who still cling on to a culture of racial politics; for example; “you need to support so and so because she is Hispanic”; do major flip flops in a hypocritical fashion and do not practice what they preach because they are more interested in getting revenge.

The rest of the city and people in district 2 whose population is about 32,000 will have to live with a decision that was made by only a little over 800 voters. That is sad.

The rest of the city will have to also pay the price of ineffective leadership from Price.

We have to conclude that the majority of voting age residents did not care enough about their area to take the time to vote. It is convenient; it is easy; what’s the problem?

We also have to allow for the possibility that those who didn’t vote are satisfied with Councilman’s Floyd Price’s ineffective representation; they don’t care to make changes.

That several people who assured campaign workers from the Gonzales campaign that they would vote; just plain seemed to tell them what they wanted to hear and didn’t have the decency to keep their word.

That perhaps if some smart entrepreneur had set up a bar at each voting location on election day and advertised “50 cent Longnecks” we may have had a huge turnout.

Now we move on and will watch what Price does on the council; we will see how he pays back the overwhelming number of campaign donors from South and Southwest Lubbock who live outside of the district; how he will repay their “political generosity”?

And all the while; Rome will be burning so to speak; it will be another long and dusty summer on the east side; and the one person who voters have charged to carry the first pail of water to put out the fire will probably be too busy mowing his lawn to hear the alarm.

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