Over the years, we have watched sadly as the greatest generation in Lubbock’s Mexican American community’s history have been slowly taking their leave.

We refer to those of our ancestors like our parents and grandparents who arrived in this city in the 20’s 30’s; 40’ and 50’s.

To us they represent the greatest generation of our community’s history. They were the ones who struggled valiantly and sacrificed their very lives so that we may enjoy the successes we do today.

We are reminded of what we are losing quite often; as nearly every week a member of our community gets ill or someone else passes away. The scourges that are diabetes and cancer have taken a toll on a community where health care is an unaffordable luxury.

And as sad as it is to see those whom we love complete the aging process and return to their Maker; we must do everything we can to learn as much from them as we can before they are gone.

From them we can learn what it means to sacrifice. From them we can learn the lessons taught by segregation and discrimination. From them we cam learn how to overcome society’s ills. From them we can learn about working hard. From them we can learn how to keep our dignity intact when experiencing social injustices. From them we can learn what it means to rise above adversity; with our head held high and our dignity intact.

The death of our friend Carlos Quirino Sr. reminds us that life is fleeting and it is short. Before it is too late; let us reach out to the greatest generation and learn what is important in life and how we should all try and live it.

Before it is too late.

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