Shortly after the Republican convention; a McCain campaign spokesperson made it a point to say that this election would not be about issues but rather about personalities.

Judging by the political commentary after the recent vice presidential debate between Senator Joe Biden and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin; he very well may have been right?

Based on some of the analysis I read; the commentary ranged from relief on the part of many Republicans to Sarah Palin coming across as a “Hee Haw personality” or being described as a female Dick Cheney.

In fact; when asked to name one thing Vice President Dick Cheney had done wrong during the Bush administration; the only thing Palin could think of was that he had accidently shot a friend of his while on a hunting trip in Texas. If that’s the best she can do in a debate; then voters might want to seriously consider if they want her to be a heart beat away from the presidency.

While Biden generally stuck to his debate persona; Palin spent most of the hour and a half trying to prove to the record number of viewers that she was not as dense and small-minded as her responses had suggested during her recent interviews with CBS News’ Katie Couric.

She used plenty of gosh darn it’s, you betchas and winks to make sure that she succeeded in connecting with voters who may be just infatuated enough with her strange style to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket without considering the consequences.

Today, even the most politically disengaged person knows that we have some serious problems in this country. Politicians in Washington just signed away another $810 billion dollars of taxpayer future earnings. We have a situation similar to a house of cards in Iraq and another escalating war in Afghanistan; a serious situation in Pakistan which has nuclear weapons implications; Iran; North Korea; the problems in the Middle East; ethnic cleansing in Darfur; over 50 million Americans without healthcare; growing unemployment rates; cutbacks in education; immigration reform; and the list grows longer every day.

And all I got from a potential future vice president was folksy rhetoric and personal attacks which reveal absolutely nothing about her qualifications.

Not once did she say anything to convince me that she is qualified to hold the office of vice president; unless one thinks being a hockey mom and a mayor of a small town in rural Alaska; and a oil and gas regulator and Governor of Alaska for less than two years is sufficient qualifications to be vice president of this country; or President should McCain win the election and should the need arise.

Needles to say I was not impressed with what seemed to me like a cross between a cheerleader and a pit bull; even one with lipstick on.