Regarding last week’s story: Immigration Hard Line Tactics Have Unintended Consequences (

All they had to do was watch “A Day without a Mexican” and they would have known all this. It seems like a comedic documentary at first but what would happen really?

Beatriz C. Stevens, Lubbock

Campaign Finance Violation?

Another day, another campaign finance violation by Mr. Gonzales. For the fortieth something time Mr. Gonzales says “vote for me” on his radio show without reporting the financing of the show as a campaign contribution.

Day after day, more sleaze and corruption. More violations. More slander. More defamation. More money from accused thieves and crooks.

MMMM. So you want him on the city council?

SMR [sednanreh rotciv – pronounced sin nan ree rot vitch], Lubbock

(Editor’s Note: The following story is purely fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.)

Oh the Agony of Defeat!

Although bedridden and in the hospital, the wailing could be heard as far as the emergency room located on the first floor. Moans, reminiscent of the mournfulness over the passing of a loved one then, cries of agony, and shrieks of utter pain and disgust filled the ears of every person within earshot. It’s a wonder the windows didn’t shatter into millions of pieces.

It was on a Saturday night, at approximately 7:30PM when all the chaos began. The nurses and doctors ran to the room, alarmed at what they had heard. Upon entering, they were shocked, not only by the ghost white (almost translucent) pale face, but by the sight of trembling hands holding on, as if for life itself, the remote control of the television.

Initially, they believed the patient had suffered a seizure of some sort. They tried in vain to tie her down. In seeing the gnashing and grinding of teeth, they placed a wooden spoon between them. Upon closer review of the monitor situated next to the bed, they realized an extremely rapid pulse rate was present, a highly elevated blood pressure existed and the eyes were dilated.

Bewildered, it took six emergency medical personnel to hold the patient down, as they tried to pry the remote from the white knuckled hands, opening each finger one by one. Cries of anguish were so loud, that it only took ten minutes, to make the patient’s throat so hoarse and painful that sobbing began instead. Visibly upset, the tear ducts soon opened up and the patient became a human water fountain springing never ending leaks.

Finally, the doctors gathered the nerve to, ever so carefully, ask what was wrong. At first, no words were heard. In fact, it’s as if medical personnel were not even there.

But the doctors kept prodding, getting physically closer with every attempt and yet, still maintaining a safe distance. Slowly, the patient finally began to realize there were other people in the room. Slowly realizing that everyone was waiting for an explanation, the patient also realized her voice was gone.

Still shaking and sweating, she tried to explain her situation. Unable to speak, she finally decided the only way she could express herself was to point. She slowly lifted her trembling finger to one corner of the room. Up above everyone’s head, she pointed. Everyone turned slowly toward the direction she had her eyes fixed to, and there, finally they all understood her predicament.

Not a sound emanated from the television, the mute button had been pressed. But scrolling on the bottom of the screen, over and over again and again were the results of the Mayoral election. “Tom Martin Wins, Tom Martin Wins.”

Tom Martin was to be the city’s new Mayor.

RMS, Lubbock

Why Don’t I Get Involved?

It’s time for the Democratic Chair Pam Brink to take office. I am going to send her and Lubbock a message. I am one of the 8,100 people that voted against you, Mrs. Brink. Why? I really think it is time for change. The Democratic chair position has been passed down from one do nothing to another do nothing. The old way was not working and it’s going to be the same.

You ran on your record. A losing record. Nearly every person you listed on your mailer that you assisted lost. And you claim to have done so much for all these clubs you founded. Would you break the numbers of those clubs down for me member wise (ethnicity, age range). I bet there were and are very few if any Black or Hispanic members.

You may ask, why don’t I get involved? Well, I tried once a few years back. I was treated like an outsider. I got the cold shoulder from a bunch of middle aged hippies that don’t practice what they preach.

With the recent outreach efforts made by the County Democratic Party, I thought the Democratic Party here in Lubbock had turned over a new leaf, but I guess that fire got extinguished pretty quickly when Mrs. Barrick began her regime.

Latoya B. Johnson, Lubbock

Are Gas Ovens far Behind?

I have watched the transformation of El Editor in the last two years. The good part is that the paper is now more on top of the news than ever, better written than ever, more willing than ever to cover controversial topics, and fuller of editorial content than ever before.

The bad part in my opinion is that El Editor has been transformed into a more consistent supporter of right-wing politics than even the Avalanche-Journal.

Week after week I see the paper attack Democratic-oriented local politicians in more and more hysterical tones. I see the paper supporting people financed by large corporate interests and the extremist wing of the Republican Party and their talk radio mad dogs. I see the paper support candidates who commit the most egregious examples of slander and defamation on air.

I see people the paper extol weekly the people who daily violate the campaign reporting laws.

I read every week articles that seem to me to be urging Hispanics to support the full-fledged Republican right wing agenda. Not only that: it seems to me the paper bases the appeals for its chosen candidates strictly on race: El Editor opposed Linda DeLeón because she “voted with Anglos.” The paper seems to support candidates for city council who are most blatant in making a “one race only” appeal for votes.

What ever happened to the El Editor that championed the cause of the underdog that opposed corporate sponsorship of candidates, the paper that worked tirelessly against any race-based appeals in politics?

How can it possibly help the Hispanic community to urge Hispanics to sell the community to the rich, to the Republicans, to the racists, and to the right wingers?

How long will it be before you are championing walls on the border, mass deportations and the like? And can the gas ovens be far behind?

C. James, Lubbock

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