District 2 City Council candidate Armando Gonzales is willing to put his money where his mouth is. He’s not only talking the talk but walking the walk as well.

On Wednesday, Gonzales took to the airwaves to invite other council members on a tour of District 2. Gonzales says he wants to show the rest of the council what the district looks like and highlight the issues he has been talking about during his campaign to unseat incumbent Floyd Price.

And to confirm what Gonzales has been saying all along that Price is out of touch with the real problems District 2 residents face; Price’s reaction was well priceless.

He told the Avalanche Journal that he didn’t know what Gonzales was trying to prove; characterizing it as a desperate move.

Who seems to be desperate is Floyd Price who is probably wondering why he hasn’t thought of doing the same thing during the four years he has served on the council.

There are physically evident problems in the district. The public safety and high crime rate issue is brought home when one sees the bars on the windows and doors. The streets in need of repair and infrastructure needs will be evident. The lack of economic development and retail establishments will be in full view. Never mind the weeds in the public thoroughfares and public park.

What is yet to be seen is whether anyone on the council will take Gonzales up on his offer.

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