June 13, 2017

10xU Launches to Unlock Entrepreneurs Potential in the Age of Digitalization and Hyper Connectivity

MIAMI, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ -- New platform 10xU is set to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate digitalization and hyper connectivity. This startup wants to prepare current and future leaders to overcome challenges by stimulating new ways of thinking, promoting innovation, and connecting entrepreneurial communities all over the world.

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The platform offers courses, workshops, mentoring, personalized business assessments, networking, and company roadmap building. These offerings can take place online, or in person at 10xU's Miami headquarters. Additionally, there is a wide offering of free content, including webinars and events. The offer covers entrepreneurs of any level with pricing levels reflective of company needs.

"A deep-rooted understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem led me to discover the need for established companies and entrepreneurs to learn about this new world order, governed by an abundance of technological resources and living in the digital sphere," explains 10xU Chief Executive Lorenzo de Leo. "10xU wants to build a community of like-minded individuals who drive each other forward by offering them a different approach to business challenges, which ultimately, will drive global innovation into the future."

Unlike other startup courses, the goal is to create a community of startups and entrepreneurs that thrive with education and collaboration. Designed to scale globally, 10xU aims to become the common platform that connects new startup hubs and amplifies their growth by promoting the exchange of resources and experiences. To this end, 10xU will connect local tech hubs around the globe.

10xU is a portfolio company of Rokk3r Labs, a cobuilding platform for investors, entrepreneurs and organizations. 10xU is open to individuals who are planning to become entrepreneurs and want to validate the potential of their idea, or any person or company wanting to learn about the inner workings of launching a company in the digital era, including those already at established companies and corporations.

"10xU's model puts forward a solution for what entrepreneurial learning and execution should be in the digital age. I am excited to announce it as our newest portfolio company and an upcoming standard for global ecosystem connectedness," said CEO and Co-founder at Rokk3r Labs Nabyl Charania.

About 10xU
10xU plans to empower people and companies by providing them with the education and tools needed to overcome the challenges of the modern business age. The platform prepares current and future business leaders by stimulating new ways of thinking, promoting innovation, and connecting entrepreneurial communities all over the world. For more information, please visit www.10xU.com

About Rokk3r Labs
Rokk3r Labs is the best place in the world to launch companies that change the world. It is a venture builder and the world's first "cobuilding" platform for entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors to create exponential startups. As a partner, Rokk3r Labs increases value, mitigates risk, and helps remain at the edge of innovation. With a focus on leveraging exponential technologies (e.g., the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing) and implementing new-age methods of raising capital, Rokk3r Labs is harnessing the global collective genius to cobuild companies that change the world. Currently, Rokk3r Labs has a portfolio of over 40 ventures. To learn more, visit www.rokk3rlabs.com.

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