If conservative, Republican state legislators think it will be easy to pass what they loosely refer to as immigration reform laws; and that people from around the state will just sit idly by and do nothing; Tuesday should dispel them of that notion.
“Hispanics, Chicanos, our Raza are just not going to sit quietly and accept these sham laws that Republicans want to pass without having their voices heard” said Mike Torres.
Torres is a Lubbock resident who feels strongly that the “large numbers of proposed bills filed by right wing extremists in the Texas legislature are nothing but racist bills, and are against the immigrants and all Hispanics!”
Torres, who recently organized an immigration themed activist workshop held in Lubbock on February 12, says that there are bills “allowing Hispanics to be profiled by law enforcement, making English the state language, (WHY? Why do we need that?), wanting school teachers to identify and report undocumented students, and to possibly have Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents visit public schools”.
He says there are “some very ugly, racist, items in these bills not seen since the fifties and sixties”.
Torres is trying to recruit people from Lubbock and the surrounding area to join him in his drive to Austin to attend a march and rally being organized by the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition (AIRC), as a part of the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA).
It is expected that thousands of people from around the state will gather in Austin on Tuesday February 22nd to “rally for the dignity, security, and rights of immigrant families” says the announcement from the AIRC. People are expected to arrive in Austin from San Antonio, Ft. Worth, El Paso, Houston, the Rio Grande Valley, Hidalgo County, and what is being called “Movimiento del Valle”.
Conspicuously missing from the list of cities is Lubbock.
But Torres remains undeterred.
While the plans have not been finalized Torres hopes others from Lubbock will join him and at least 3 other people who have committed to go. He can be reached via email at
The events in Austin begin at 11 AM at Waterloo Park, 403 East 15th Street on Tuesday. From there, participants will march to the state capitol for the rally, which is scheduled to begin at 1:00PM.
AIRC estimates that there have been “more than 60 anti-immigrant, anti-family proposals filed by extremist Texas legislators. Proposed legislation includes, among others, the criminalization of immigrant families and workers in Texas, mandating local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws, requiring school officials to report undocumented students, and denying birth certificates to children born in Texas to undocumented parents”.
Persons interested in this issue and wanting to get involved in some way are asked to contact Mike Torres at his email address: miket@nts-online.net

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