This week President Bush urged Congress to

pass comprehensive immigration reform

legislation to help secure the U.S. border from illegal immigrants and called for a temporary worker program that would allow some immigrants to work openly in the United States for a fixed period of time.

Bush said the United States “has always been a compassionate nation that values the newcomer and takes great pride in our immigrant heritage,” but he said illegal immigrants were violating U.S. law.

Here in Lubbock it was unfortunate that 3 undocumented workers were allegedly involved in a stabbing that occurred in a Lubbock nightclub and resulted in the death of a young man.

In reporting both stories, it was disturbing that TV station Channel 28 linked Bush’s statements and the violent incident.

In the words of the reporter, “and today President Bush proposed legislation that would keep illegal aliens such as the Ayala brothers (the alledged perpetrators) out of the United States”

We can see where this type of reporting and statements can create unwanted and unneeded friction between races here in Lubbock. We would think that in the future Channel 28 and any reporting agency will forgo unfair and subjective reporting of this type with will label people of a certainethnic group..