El Editor sent an inquiry to Precinct 3 Lubbock County Commissioner Lorenzo “Bubba” Sedeno asking him to comment on the sanctuary cities bill presently being debated in the Texas Senate. The bill was filed by Lubbock State Senator Charles Perry, Republican from Lubbock.
Here’s is Commissioner Sedeno’s response to our request for comment in its entirety.

Dear El Editor:
As far as I am concerned, SB #185 that Senator Charles Perry is sponsoring is anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic legislation. Like Arizona’s #1070 bill it sends the wrong message! This bill is nothing but legalized racial profiling towards the Hispanic and Mexican-American community. Federal law does not give state or local jurisdictions the right to enforce Federal Immigration laws. The Federal government is the sole entity that oversees Immigration laws. The State of Texas needs to address state issues that are important to Texans such as Transportation, Education, The State budget, Water, Medicaid, etc., and NOT TRY to do the Federal Government’s work. If this bill were to pass would Sen. Perry and the State of Texas send monies to local jurisdiction’s to train our peace officer’s in Federal Immigration laws? Or would this be another State unfunded mandate? Could you imagine the civil lawsuits that this bill would cause because of racial profiling? Could you imagine the loss of tourism dollars that would stop if this bill passed? Bottom line they would not be stopping Senator Perry’s family like they would mine or yours because of our color!
Everyone needs to write or call Senator Perry and let him know that this is an unjust bill.
Commissioner Bubba Sedeño