It is extremely difficult to write about death or the loss of a loved one.

Death is not something we seem to handle well for obvious reasons. For me; perhaps it’s because I was once on the precipice. But that is a story for another day…

This past week has been one filled with emotion due to the loss of someone who made a difference in life. And after all that is something most of us strive to do while here on earth.

A couple of weeks ago we wrote an editorial about our greatest generation; it was about the loss of those who raised us and sacrificed their entire life so that we could enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s we were fortunate to grow up with parents who cared not only about our physical well being; but also our spiritual growth.

Tuesday evening; I witnessed the fruit that the tilled soil in them yielded.

In our Catholic tradition; when a loved one dies; we hold a prayer service in which we pray a Rosary. A Rosary is our way of asking Blessed Mother Mary to intercede on our behalf with God and to ask Him to enjoin our dearly departed into His Kingdom as they enter into Everlasting Life.

As I sat there at the Rosary for Ramona G. Urive; a dear friend of my parents and by extension the siblings on both family sides; I was moved by the people around me. As we recited the prayers which we were all taught at an early age; at least those of us of an earlier generation; I couldn’t help but notice the deep Faith coming to life; as we said goodbye to another blessed person of our greatest generation.

I watched as people recited the litany’s and prayers from their hearts; never stumbling; never wavering; never having to look at a book. The words are engrained in their hearts and at the appropriate moment; the words come alive as they ask God to give comfort to the grieving family members.

Every week; we seem to lose someone who has made an impact in our life; someone who has contributed to our society in ways most people will never know. They are the ones who endured the struggles; they are the ones who made sure that life for us would be easier and fruitful.

That was their main focus; they were unselfish. And that can be seen in the way the people who came to the Rosary prayed.

It is never easy to lose someone you love and who has played a major role in your life; be it a friend; a spouse; a child or other.

But there is something unique about the loss of a mother. She is the one who bore you; she is the one who nourished you and quenched your thirst. She is the one, who healed your wounds; who stayed up late to make sure you were ok; she was the one who wrapped her arms around you and your heart and felt every pain you experienced.

She is the one who knew your soul and your very being.

She is the one who through God and your father gave you life and sustained you through your trials and tribulations and also the good moments in your life.

It is really an extraordinary experience when we stop and think about what our mothers do for us.

Ramona G. Urive will be missed greatly by those who knew her and loved her; her children; her many grandchildren and granddaughter Ramona who I’m sure will carry her name in the same dignified way her Grandmother did. She too will teach her own daughter about her great- grandmother and prepare her for the future with the same values her mother and grandmother have taught her.

For it is the little ones; the young generation which represent our future’s best hope.

The family will hurt; but perhaps they will find comfort in the fact that Ramona G. Urive was one of those rare individuals who definitely left this world a better place than when she entered into life on this earth.

She is resting and at Peace now; that much; our Faith teaches us all.


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Have a good week!

A Cruz