The National Association of Hispanic Publications, (NAHP) will kick off their annual convention and business expo with a Latino Leaders Welcome event at the Dallas Convention Center on Sunday October 18.
That event kicks off the annual gathering of newspaper professionals which brings together publishers and key personnel from Hispanic publications from around the country to discuss issues related to publishing an Hispanic publication; be it in print or digital versions; or both in many cases.
Many of the publications are printed weekly like El Editor and distributed free of charge. Some, like this newspaper, utilize a business model designed to provide an alternative source of news and editorial information in their circulation areas while selling sufficient advertising to remain profitable. They are sustained by their advertisers which they partner with to keep their newspaper free and available to their largely Hispanic readership.
This year’s convention will focus on topics ranging from improving a newspaper’s brand, to government contracting opportunities,marketing innovations and advertising opportunities.
One of the highlights this year will be the signing of a “Partnership Memorandum between National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and National Association of Hispanic Publishers (NAHP) and the formation of a National Advertising Task Force to educate marketers and federal agencies on the benefits and importance of the African American and Hispanic newspaper market”, according to the convention agenda. One of the primary functions of the association is to assist publishers and help them obtain advertising leads or to find out about potential national advertising campaigns.
During the convention, winners of awards in the areas of editorial writing and content, advertising and marketing design, and photo and cartoons will be selected and recognized. El Editor is represented in the editorial writing category.
Olga Aguero, El Editor’s Publisher,is also nominated for the Latina Publisher of the Year Award; along with 3 other nominees.
NAHP was founded in 1982. El Editor’s founder, Bidal Aguero was involved in the establishment of the association and this newspaper has been a member ever since its founding.
Today, NAHP is known as a “non-partisan trade advocacy organization representing the leading Spanish language publications serving 41 markets in 39 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with a combined circulation of over 23 million”.
El Editor’s publisher Olga Aguero, extends a warm Texas “Bienvenidos” to the attendees and wishes the association a “very successful convention”.