These past few weeks; spent learning about what makes our world go round and traveling some out west; have brought about some new experiences which have formed some observations about the roads we travel in this life.

Some are dead ends; but if we are fortunate and pay close attention we just might take that road less traveled; the one the poet Robert Frost wrote about and actually learn something.

Last week I traveled through New Mexico, Arizona and far southwest Texas. My trip took me through Interstate 40 and down to Phoenix and back to Lubbock through El Paso and Interstate 10 and 20.

Not once did I see a billboard inviting travelers to visit our fair city; or the “Giant side of Texas” as some affectionately call it. There were plenty of billboards along the highway inviting travelers to visit other Texas cities like DFW; El Paso; even Midland and Big Spring; but not Lubbock.

And they say we need a visitor’s center. The LCVB might want to start with some promotional billboards along the highways and byways to let folks know what we have to offer here; before building that Trojan horse

I read where Tech will have to pay Whitmore money to leave; I suspect they are afflicted with the same financial malady which plagued the city just a few years ago.

You remember Lou Fox don’t you?

I read Bidal’s story last week about street paving in west Lubbock and that Lubbock taxpayers will be footing all or part of the bill for a proposed $30 million worth of street improvements. He also wrote an editorial questioning where the representatives from District I and 2 were as they seemed to be out of the loop once again.

Voters in East Lubbock might want to note that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Meaning that as long as people in these districts stay home on Election Day; and allow the status quo to remain in office; they get what they deserve.

Harsh you say. Not harsh; that’s just a fact. It is about time people started paying the “Price” of ineffective representation; yes pun intended.

There are many issues which deserve way more attention than they have been getting lately. It seems to me that LISD is always running under the radar. Yet we have some serious issues associated with our youth. Issues like high drop out rates; teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

When will the administration wake up and realize that sex education must be a part of the curriculum. This abstinence only nonsense is not working.

We will be addressing the high school drop out issue in a future series on these pages. As for the teen pregnancy problem; that too needs addressing and perhaps we will have to tackle that issue also.

Alcohol sales; yeah or nay you say?

In reading some of the over zealous letters against alcohol sales in this city; which have appeared in the local daily since Councilman Klein brought up the issue; you would think that the world would come to an end if this city went wet.

Well I hate to the bearer of the obvious; fact is Lubbock is already wet. It has been since the days of prohibition and days of bootleggers; some of which I frequented in my youth.

Look at Slaton and Wolfforth; they went wet and they seem to be doing just fine. Nothing happened. They didn’t turn into Sodom and Gomorra overnight. They don’t have drunks lining their city streets. Alcoholism rates aren’t up; and as far as I know voters who voted in favor of going wet haven’t gone to hell yet.

What absolute nonsense and moralistic garbage. Sorry; but I am fed up with residents who try to manipulate the political system under the guise of religious values.

Wake up! Look around you and look at what is happening to our youth and address those issues. Look at the issues like domestic violence; and 20% of our citizens who live under the federal poverty level; where is your compassion and concern then?

I suspect I am not alone here. There are plenty of people here who have relocated from other cities and do not share the moralistic attitudes exhibited by some religious fanatics.

I have lived in many cities which were wet; including our nation’s capital. I could walk a block from the capitol building and buy all the booze I wanted. Beer and liquor are sold a couple of blocks from the White House; I know because I would buy it there sometimes and God didn’t rain down His wrath on me!

And these people are worried about corrupting our morals.

Please; get a life and start worrying about how to save your hypocritical souls.

OK; I’ve calmed down now…

Let me wrap this up with one final message to the non believers among us.

For those of you who are waiting for the new Mayor and certain council members on the city council to misstep and completely forget about those areas of the city which need attention; hear this; it ain’t gonna happen.

What we have now on the council are reasonable people who with the best of intentions will do just fine. Two of them may be named Thomas and Paul; but they cannot perform miracles I’m sure. So we have to be patient and give them a chance to do what they do best.

Now I will signal out Mayor Martin and council members Todd Klein; Paul Beane; and John Leonard as our best hope for the future of this city. I still think Gilbreath sits on the fence and the other two; well I’ve already vented enough.

I sincerely believe this new council will make a positive difference. I think back to the last administration and realize that things cannot get any worse. I believe the aforementioned elected officials’ elected by a majority of voters have come along at just the right time; to guide and lead this city in a common sense way; with vision and compassion at the same time.

Now for those who may not believe me; trust me; I would rather hang my hat with these guys than the others.

And if I am wrong; and I do not think I am; at least they will not embarrass this city or pay lip service to the community to satisfy their egos.