Even if the gun cannot be seen, it is well known that some Lubbock residents who are licensed to carry a firearm do so. The fact that the firearm is concealed, which is within the law, oftentimes generates an “out of sight out of mind” mentality by most people.
But this week, the Texas Senate passed a law which would allow Texans who are legally licensed to carry a firearm to do so openly; in plain sight. These types of laws are often referred to as open carry laws.
Despite strong opposition to the bill by Democrats, the bill passed in the Republican controlled Senate. Once it passes in the House, which Republicans also control, it will in all probability be signed by the governor and implemented in 2016.
When that happens, it means that Lubbock residents who are properly licensed will be able to carry their handgun on their hip or shoulder holster in plain view for all to see.
But the law leaves many unanswered questions and concerns. One of which is, how does one know if a person is properly licensed to carry a firearm or not? What about the strong possibility that less scrupulous people will take advantage of the law even though they are not legally licensed to carry a gun?
Another question is how elected officials feel about residents attending city council meetings with their guns in plain sight? It’s probably safe to assume that some people already carry a gun, albeit concealed, when attending the council meetings. But will the new law be a cause for concern for elected officials?
El Editor sent an inquiry to District 1 Councilman Victor Hernandez, but he was out of town and unavailable to comment.
The Senate is also considering a concealed carry law which would allow college students to carry a concealed weapon on college campuses. If passed, that law would definitely have repercussions at Texas Tech. That bill is being debated, but is expected to pass since Republicans in both chambers are in favor of the bill.
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