The situation on our southern borders has quickly reached a crisis point, or perhaps a boiling point would be more appropriate.
We have been following this story closely and frankly have been appalled by comments and photos in the media from our elected officials.
It has not been hard to choose a side in this issue. America has become so polarized, so divided that it has become too difficult to close our eyes to the injustices occurring daily. When we see people who have the same skin color we do and speak the same language, and are of a similar culture, it’s hard to ignore the ugly name calling and racist comments being directed at them.
Call it a sense of trying to view the situation through a compassionate lens.
Not only can we identify culturally with the plight of some of those children and families, but we also recognize that the wrong side of this issue is populated by folks who are using the situation for their political advantage. Their political goal is to make sure they appeal to the people who vote them into office and keep them in power.
We have seen news reports, photos, and videos of the protesters on the streets blocking buses, the Minuteman folks who are foaming at the mouth to get to the Texas border. That may be a bit of exaggeration but not far from the truth. In the very least, we know that they take great joy in intimidating people in the name of God and country. Our guess is that they cannot hardly wait to face off against those dangerous 8 and 9 year olds coming across the border.
And then there’s Rick. It is very hard to address Rick Perry by his title when he pulls stunts like the one he recently did, photographed with that racist creep Sean Hannity; a machine gun at the ready on a DPS patrol boat.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it does. Photographs like the one you see here are taken intentionally and widely circulated in the hopes of influencing others. These types of tactics are used to incite others; it’s as simple as that.
Frankly it is a pathetic scene to have our state’s governor photographed as if he can’t wait to get one of those “illegals” in his gun sights. But then again, what would you expect from a governor who has national ambitions but whose vision is limited by his one way, extreme right wing view of the world?
And that is putting it nicely.

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