On Saturday afternoon, July 21st, Anaheim, California police shot 24 year old Manuel Diaz in the back of the head after he ran away from police who had confronted him in the street.

Later that night, police confronted a group of people who had gathered to protest the shooting and to question why. Media reports stated that “police fired rubber bullets and tear gas” at the crowd of local residents.

And if that wasn’t enough, the next day police shot and killed a second Hispanic man.

Joe Acevedo was also shot and killed by police who claim that Acevedo was a suspect in a car robbery.

This follows other incidents of what residents are calling “a long pattern of excessive and deadly force used by Anaheim Police against Latinos” according to the national organization Presente.org. There have been 8 officer involved shootings so far this year in the city.

On Tuesday the 24th, about 600 protesters gathered at city hall to protest the police action. That demonstration led to some demonstrators throwing rocks through windows of at least 5 businesses. Here’s how it was described in an NBC report: “Dozens of officers wielding night sticks faced off against the demonstrators, who at one point threw water bottles and rocks toward the line.”

The city has asked federal officials to investigate the incidents.