We begin this week with a few questions:

Question: These days, what does $265,000 bucks buy you?

Answer: A Texas state representative who will vote your interests in the Texas State Legislature.

Question: Why would anyone who does not live in a particular district donate $265,000 to an obscure and unknown candidate running for state representative from that district?

Answer: Because he is an obscure and unknown candidate who will be easy to shape and mold into the donor’s mouthpiece.

Question: What else do you get for your “huge political donation” (has there ever been a more improperly labeled term for giving money to political candidates; a better word would be payment”; as in payment for something in return)?

Answer: A vote for private school vouchers, votes against publicly funded education, anti-immigration votes, and anything else you want.

Question: What does it say about you that you donated over $200,000 bucks for a pro Tom DeLay TV ad defending his crookedness and criticizing Democrats; then turn around and donate $22,000 to an obscure, unknown candidate for state rep?

Answer: That both you and Tom DeLay are of the same ilk and you are trying to “procreate” and clone another Tom.

The race between incumbent Delwin Jones and Van “who in the world is this guy” Wilson; one that should be about the issues, is being overshadowed by the 2 donors who together have contributed over 96% of the total Wilson campaign donations; $287,000 and counting.

$22,000 of the money has been donated by Houston home builder Bob Perry; who funded the $200,000 TV ad campaign defending DeLay, and the rest from a PAC funded by Republican right wing Christian conservative James Leinenger’s Texas Republican Legislative Campaign Committee.

Perry, a close friend of Karl Rove, President’s George Bush’s top political “architect” has donated millions to Texas republicans including Governor Rick Perry. Leinenger is also a major player in Republican circles and has established and funded a countless number of conservative political action committees and right wing organizations.

One of Leinenger’s pet projects is his desire for the state legislature to fund education by allowing private vouchers; whereby Texans could enroll their children into private schools and be subsidized by tax payer money. In this election cycle, he seems to have targeted 5 state races; betting perhaps that if his candidates win, they will be the final votes he needs to end publicly funded education as we know it today.

Which begs the question: How can we expect to create equal education with unequal funding?

Now, I leave you with one final question: Do you really believe that people like Leininger and Perry would donate these huge sums of money without expecting anything in return?


And speaking about that crook Tom DeLay, today (March 1) the U S Supreme Court heard arguments in the Texas congressional redistricting case. But according to early news reports, those who feel that political gerrymandering did indeed take place, are going to be hard pressed to win this case. To begin with, news reports had Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg snoozing for about 30 minutes during the argument.

If early indications are correct, the court will turn a blind eye to the fact that mostly Democratic and minority voting districts were redistricted and consequently diluted to ensure Republican victories. In one instance alone, DeLay, Perry, Craddick, and company redistricted 100,000 Hispanic residents out of a Laredo district represented by state representative, Republican Henry Bonilla, who was seen as more vulnerable year after year to a Democratic victory (guess people there finally figured they needed to vote with their brain and not just for a person’s last name). Now that’s what I call Republicans taking care of the “hired help”.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that the one institution, the Supreme Court, that one institution who I once believed seemed to be immune to political influence and right the wrongs created by self serving politicians is no more. They have become justices influenced by their appointer’s political persuasion. Never the less, I will hold out hope that every once in a while, a political institution will do the right thing; but not much hope.

Why? Because we live in a world that does not put much weight in the principles that should guide these decisions; like whether the federal Voting Rights Act was violated, or states rights, or the states rights to self determination without outside influence from crooks like Tom DeLay. Never mind that political gerrymandering was at the forefront of the whole redistricting sham; in these times, those things are just seen as the cost of doing political business.

Well, better cut it short this week. Got a visit from the CUIA last week; you know that federal agency known as the Central Un-Intelligence Agency. Apparently they were not too amused with my Bush speech last week (if you missed it, you can find it at www.eleditor.com ; what a shameless plug huh?) and came by just to check my phone lines.

Oh oh, doorbell’s ringing. Never mind, just Van Wilson; came by to see if I wanted to put up one of his $500 yard signs.

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