By Armando Gonzalez

Parents must be vigilant and very carefull with how the teachers and principals treat our children in school.In the short time that I taught High School in two different area Schools, and observed teachers and campuses I saw the In School Suspension rooms. These rooms were, and are filled by mostly Hispanic and Black students. A person can visit any area school and find that a majority of them are filled with Chicanos and Blacks. I beleive that this is an ongoing conscientious effort by some of the School District’s teachers to make it hard for minority students to graduate from High School. There are attorney’s organizations and some educators organizations that are actively studying the phenomenon of the

“SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE”. Texas Appleseed Scholarship Committee is one of those. Another organization is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). In my understanding it starts with a child going to ISS. After ISS, or for absences,or any other student code violation, they can be sent to Project Intercept, Stars Program and even to the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice

Center where they are removed from the custodial parent(s) by the State and students as young as ten years old are encarcerated. If they continue to be non-conformists

(that is not obeying and resisting institutionalization)they can then be sent to The Texas Youth Commission, which is a juvenile prison system, after a CRIMINAL COURT HEARING. Since Columbine, 1995, School Districts and society in general have become intolerant of any misbehavior in the school system. As usual, when fear surfaces among the Anglo establishment the Hispanic, and Black children are the ones that are held to the fire moreso than any other ethnic group(s). It is important to understand that with this fear a whole new beaurocracy and a whole newsystem of inner, soveriegn government has been created. The School Districts answer to no one. Federal Courts and State Courts are slow to usurp or circumvent the Districts authority and power. Open, clear, and flagrant violations against the Constitution are the ones that are scrutinized by the Courts. This means that they can do just about anything they want without being held accountable. In other Southwestern States, like Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, the ACLU has taken many School Districts to court because of Civil Rights Violations on the part of over zealous principals. They bring to light the signing of the “pink slip,” by a student after the student has gotten into trouble with the teacher. When the student is made to sign the pinkslip/in essence a confession has been made by the student. Students sign the pink slip because the authority figure — the school teacher, or principal has told them to sign it. The student is then prosecutable by the local School police and then are treated as any criminal. I believe, however, that having the student sign the pink slip amounts to coercion on the part of the principal, teacher. Principals and teachers are not peace officers, law enforcement officers or any members of the court. I believe what happens is that the signature obtained from the student is unconstitutional because it is a coerced confession. The student is then locked up due to the confession obtained via the signature. Principals and teachers are not officers of the law. I intend to start up a search commiittee made up of interested parents of students regarding this matter. If you believe your student has been unduly sent to ISS please email me at agonzales101@yahoo. com. so that we can unite to fight the SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE. If you email me just send your email address or contact info. We will set up a meeting very soon to plan how we can dismantle this pipeline. Sincerely, Armando Gonzales, M.Ed.

I want to express my appreciation to all my friends who showed so much concern during my recent kidney transplant. Everything to now seems to be working out good.. Mil Gracias

Bidal Aguero – Publisher