Wow! Our photographer, Steven Leija, today photographed the Texas Tech SMU football game. He writes: Being the first game of the year there are always questions such as: Will our QB be good? Will our Def line be good? Will our wide receivers be good? I’ll tell you what, our team looked fan-freaking-tastic today! Harrell looked sharp..Shannon looked great…our D looked very good..our O Line is just monstrous…but lemme tell you what…a new era has begun in Tech football…the Micheal Crabtree Era! This guy is the real deal! He’s everything he was promised to be…quick, strong, and a game breaker! I look forward to the 5 more games we hit this season. I took well over 900 photos…but have started processing these. We’ll get them uploaded to our gallery tomorrow evening. Today was a long, wet, fun day! Stay tuned for some great photos!