As we approach Election Day; certain factors will decide which candidate voters vote for in the Presidential race and ultimately which candidate is elected.

Only problem is that the factors driving their vote may be secondary to the issues and probably will not include a candidate’s stance on things like the economy; healthcare; domestic issues like education; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or even foreign policy.

Unfortunately the real issues get overlooked because candidates are too busy appealing to our emotions as opposed to our political sense. What we wind up with is the mud slinging and fear mongering designed to scare us into voting for one or the other as we have seen this past week.

Here is what I suggest are at least four of the factors which may determine how people will vote:

Race – will black voters turn out in great numbers; will Hispanics vote for a black candidate; will white voters vote for Obama; many voters will base their vote on this one factor and will not bother to go any further.

Half-truths; political rhetoric; and character assassination – with all the money flowing into the respective campaigns; candidates are free to use advertising strategies to win votes instead of focusing on the issues. There are reasons candidates spend millions and millions of dollars on advertising; it works on voters.

Gender – The fact that Palin is a woman will be a minor factor but will be a consideration for some voters who still find it hard to view a woman in position of authority. It may become a factor to people who believe that McCain may be too old to be president and that she will have to assume the presidency should McCain win the election and the need arise.

Age – McCain’s age will be a factor in some voter’s decision. And it is not age discrimination but rather the realization that should McCain win; he will be 76 years old when he is in the fourth year of his term. For some this is a legitimate factor. The question in their mind may be; does McCain have the necessary physical stamina and is he in good enough health at his age to be president?

New Voter’s Age – In addition; the age of new voters will also probably determine the winner if predictions hold true that young people are registering in great numbers and will vote for Obama. Polls are showing that the majority of new young voters; those voting for the first time are Obama supporters.

In my view; a candidate’s stance on the issues should be a voter’s first consideration and should carry more weight when deciding who to vote for.

For example; one of my primary issues is the ongoing war in Iraq. We have been there way too long and there seems to be no end in sight. So this is one area where I strongly disagree with John McCain’s view and stance on the war. In a perfect political world, voters would go down the line issue by issue and decide whose stances align more closely with their own.

But time and time again; history shows that it is the secondary factors which determine how most people vote for a candidate and this election will probably be no different.

I hope this is not the case; but based on the latest campaign rhetoric; this election may be decided based on the side show rather than the main event.


In one of the biggest irony’s of American political life; the very people who believe in limited government this time looked to government to address the financial crisis because this time the deregulations impacted their profit line.

For years and years; John McCain, along with other Republicans, have told us they are against government regulation. Less government they say. Yet two weeks ago in the midst of the worst financial crisis most of us have ever seen; McCain once again turned to the government, meaning us taxpayers, to help clean up the mess on Wall Street.

Then this past Tuesday at the second presidential debate; he announced his most recent plan which would involve the government buying home mortgages; more government intervention.

Talk about a walking contradiction.

On the one hand; he says the government should stay out of things such as healthcare; but yet wants direct government involvement in the mortgage lending crisis.

All of a sudden government regulation doesn’t look so bad and in fact stricter government oversight was a prerequisite before many House representatives voted for the latest bill.

The problem is that now we have to look to the same people who got us into this mess to regulate our way out of it.

That’s right; most of the people who have lost their jobs at several of the Wall Street firms who went under are quickly applying for jobs with the Treasury Department; the agency which is supposed to oversee this mess.


One final note to let you know what Fannie Mae spent some of their money on; on their way to a federal takeover…

At least one local Congressman benefitted from Fannie Mae connections in this election cycle. According to the website; Congressman Randy Neugebauer reported receiving a $10,000 dollar contribution from Fannie Mae in the 2007-2008 election cycle.

At least now we know where $10,000 of the dollars went to.