Calling it the UndocuBus tour, a group of undocumented immigrants are making their way across several states to reach Charlotte, North Carolina, in time to make a difference at the Democratic National Convention.

Their hope is that by the time the convention is over, they will have had a major impact on bringing attention to that unique group of undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children or adolescents by their parents.

And they just may be making history.

El Editor spoke to one of the riders on Tuesday August 7 who told us they were in New Orleans, that the trip was going well and that there had been no major problems so far.

On a trip like this that is well publicized that the riders are undocumented, one can easily see that the potential of law enforcement action is very real.

Starting out on July 28, in Phoenix, Arizona, the group has already stopped in Albuquerque, Denver, and Austin before heading to New Orleans.

According to an update sent out by the group’s web site, they participated in a rally at the Travis County Sheriff’s office in Austin “to get him to cut his ties with deportation programs”. While in New Orleans, the group expects to meet with day laborers, civil rights leaders, and support others who are facing deportation.

In an article this past week in The Nation Magazine, the group was compared to the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights movement, but the person we spoke to says she feels a bit uncomfortable with the comparison.

She told El Editor that they are just trying to call attention to the plight of the hundreds of thousands of people just like her who were brought into the country by their parents or under similar circumstances.

And she says that regardless of the policies in place or whatever changes may be made in the law; like possible future changes to the new deferred deportation policy change announced by the Obama administration in June; “what matters is how organized the undocumented are in order to address whatever may come.”

According to the Immigration Policy Center, Texas has the second highest number of potential beneficiaries of the new policy with close to 1 million. Closer to home, in the 19th Congressional District, it is estimated that there are close to 3,000 potential beneficiaries; 2,680 which are of Mexican descent; 70 Asian, 40 South Americans, and 20 European and 20 of “other” nationalities.