I regret not being able to be present to express my opinion in regard of the new proposed animal shelter or dog pound as its most often called by everyday people of the City of Lubbock.

I feel that our District Leaders (District 1-Linda DeLeon & District 2-Floyd Price) did not give us the chance to express our opinion on whether we wanted the dog pound or not. It just seems that our own district leaders do not seem to ask us for our opinion. Both Mrs. Linda DeLeon (Dist. 1) and Mr. Floyd Price (Dist. 2) led an all media effort for the opposition of the placement of the DOG POUND in K.N. Clapp Park. But when it came down to putting it in our kids playground the stayed quite because they did not think that we will not say a word.

Well not this time…WE WILL NOT STAY QUITE!!!

I wish that they would treat their districts the same overall. They seem to think that some areas are more valuable or more favorable than others, when they came out of those same areas. We are tired of being treated as the last resort. The area or part of town that people think that since its on the North or East part of town then we don’t care. Well your wrong…We Do Care!!! We care how are neighborhoods look or how other people in Lubbock see our neighborhoods. We are not the dumping grounds that people seem to see us or think about us, But what it does seems like…is that even our own District leaders think that.

Another District leader seems to think the same…Mr. Todd Klein (Dist 3) seems to think that he knows what we want in our district. During a City Council meeting he stated and I quote…”site was not perfect, but was the best option. “at the end of the day, I believe people will be happy with it,”. Well…again he is wrong!!! We are not happy!!!

We want a chance to give our opinion or other options.

One option we can use is the same option the our great leaders of District 1 and District 2 used to just pull the rug from under a profitable business, spend over 1.2 million dollars and just say we need it for city use. That way we don’t place it in a city park and we stay with-in normal city spending habits.

With all the studies the city do for all kind of projects I would like to see a formal study of travel of city vehicles, how much traffic will the Dog Pound would get if its placed in a central of Lubbock rather then the north side of Lubbock. I would say that people would rather go to A central part of city than to travel north Lubbock.

I wish that you comply with our petition and consider other options that have yet to be discovered or other options that have been neglected.

I think this is an opportunity for the City Lubbock to place the Shelter in a central part of the town and other city office satellites as a city plaza to revitalize parts of the city that need city services of the shelter and other City offices that Lubbock citizens need. Instead of traveling a far distance.

In my closing notes I would like give thanks Honorable Mayor Tom Martin and District 5 Councilman Leonard III for voting NO for locating the dog pound in Mackenzie Park.

Also to add that as I was writing this letter I decided to look up Mackenzie Park on the internet…I noticed that in every site that listed Mackenzie Park it stated “248 acres, Mackenzie Park is Lubbock’s largest recreation area and features a wide variety of fun for all ages. Tee off at Meadowbrook Golf Course; the park also offers a world-class disc golf course and Joyland Amusement Park. Visit Prairie Dog Town and watch these pint-sized critters put on a show, or bring your horses and ride through incredible landscapes on the park’s equestrian trails.

And now we can add “Vist our city dog pound and enjoy the noise and smells as you Picnic at the main entrance of Lubbock’s largest Recreation area!!!

Thanks again Lubbock City Council for making great decisions!!!


Mr. Epifanio Aguirre

District 1 resident